Connecting Communities…
A Progressive Platform

Ronald Benjamin has long been connected to policy work through his community organizing efforts and interacting with the law through his small business that provides care to elders. Responsible initiatives, thoughtful legislation, and practical ordinances can make Cambridge a better place for all of us.

I seek to strengthen the sense of community within Cambridge. I want to build a community in this city where the residents, students, and visitors feel a sense of belonging and connection to the community. Social events such as having block parties, ethnic monthly celebrations, games days, technology showcases, and various multi-cultural arts and craft events can bring people together while allowing everyone to showcase their own talents.

Jobs/Economic Empowerment:

We have all seen an increase in the cost of living in Cambridge within the past few years. Yet many of our salaries have not kept up with these changes. That is why I support the $15 minimum wage increase. I support job preference to Cambridge residents in getting jobs in the city and would like to establish a plan that will verify that Cambridge residents are considered first. The key to growing our community is by supporting small businesses and start up enterprises in all our communities across socio economic and cultural lines. No one should be left behind, therefore we can create focused job training for adults and youth through our local high schools, colleges, and tech companies.

Immigrants Right to Vote:

Many Cambridge residents are immigrants who pay their taxes, own businesses, send their children to Cambridge public schools, and respectfully abide by the laws. Yet, they are not represented. As an immigrant myself, I want to ensure they are fairly represented. I fully support the recent petition to give non-citizen residents of Cambridge the right to vote in City Council and School Committee elections and believe this will encourage the disenfranchised to more freely participate in how our city operates.

Senior Empowerment:

Cambridge seniors represent close to 20% of the population and are one of the greatest assets to our community. Most of these residents have lived in Cambridge, raised their children here and contributed to the growth and stability of our city. As such, we should promote more active senior community engagement. We should support better regulation that would help improve seniors quality of life which will allow them to grow older in their home. In order to make our neighborhoods more welcoming and safer for seniors, I support regulations that would improve safer streets, better lighting, more benches, sidewalks, and bus shelters.

Housing Affordability:

Given that Cambridge real estate has become very expensive, I will support new measures that would increase the amount and allocation of affordable housing in new apartment and condominiums being built by developers. I also support regulation that will make it easier for low and medium income family who are first-time homebuyers to purchase a home in the city and get support from the City for this.

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