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People ask me

what “Connecting Communities” means? To me, it means being able to know thy neighbor while appreciating that we are stronger together. My name is Ronald Benjamin and I am running for City Council. I have lived in Cambridge for the past 20 years and have seen a lost sense of community. Through the faith and Haitian communities I know what Cambridge community can feel like.

Housing Affordability

Increasing affordable housing availabiliy and making it truly available for low & moderate income residents because current affordable housing is not sufficient.

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Economic Empowerment

Addressing the issues of local neighborhoods becoming overshadowed by a surplus of big businesses, corporations, chain stores, and large scale commercial and residential developments.

Community Service

Ensuring that community services are expanded not cut. This includes a creative new look at how we implement new taxes on big businesses.

Connecting Communities 2017

Envisioning bringing back the sense of belongingness and pride to Cambridge’s neighborhoods.

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